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About HTML2PDF Rocket

Html2PDF Rocket is based on an open source technology. It is a free and easy to use web service to convert html webpages into PDF files or images. HTML2PDF Rocket is trusted by over 10,500 companies worldwide.

What is an HTML to PDF API?

An HTML to PDF API is a web service that will read your webpage and dynamically generate a PDF or an image. It will convert the contents of a webpage to a PDF file. It handles fairly complex documents and layouts, including images.

Why Convert HTML to PDF?

Converting HTML to PDF is great for reporting, creating brochures, and printing invoices. Just create one HTML or PHP webpage, and use it as a source to generate downloadable PDF or viewable PDF pages. PDF is a fixed-layout document created by Adobe Systems. It is a perfect document for downloading text or HTML content in a file, with consistent layout that does not depend on the device for viewing and does not require internet connection.

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