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HTML to PDF Converter, A Must-have Tool to Save a Web Page

What is an HTML to PDF converter?

HTML to PDF converter is a very useful tool in making reports and presentations from website sources. A HTML file converted to PDF can be easily viewed in any device without any formatting changes. It is also readily available for viewing even without Internet connection.

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Simple PHP example code to convert HTML webpages to PDF

PDF Rocket is based on open source technology and is a free and easy to use web service to convert your HTML webpages into images or PDF files.

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C# examples to convert HTML to PDF in .Net

If you are looking for a C# webpage to pdf converter, you can use our free web service, in use by commercial applications and platforms. You do not need to install or download any libraries or components to make this work.

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HTML 2 PDF Rocket evolved as a free inexpensive service for commercial companies

There are plenty of good tools out there that can help you to convert webpages to PDF documents. Honestly, there is not a lot of difference between them (but their marketing will try to convince you there is!). That said, most have a lot of complex features you will never need or use. We initially needed a simple tool or service to allow our customers to download weekly meal plans and recipes they created, as PDF documents.

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Automate your HTML to PDF conversion using our FREE API key.

Our Free Plan has 200 credits/month with 5 Mb per PDF file.

Large PDF files use 1 credit per 500kb of network traffic.