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HTML 2 PDF Rocket evolved as a free inexpensive service for commercial companies

There are plenty of good tools out there that can help you to convert webpages to PDF documents. Honestly, there is not a lot of difference between them (but their marketing will try to convince you there is!). That said, most have a lot of complex features you will never need or use. We initially needed a simple tool or service to allow our customers to download weekly meal plans and recipes they created, as PDF documents.

That's where we ran into our first problem - buying a library tool required us to buy a virtual private server and we wanted that particular website to be able to run on Azure Websites, as well as low cost hosting like godaddy, webhost4life etc. The libraries we looked at also have pretty expensive up front costs.

The next problem was the expense of the online services - they all priced per PDF, sometimes based on the size, which is fair enough but we looked around at all the competitors and entry level plans started at $19 per month, which would have been ok but that only allowed for 1000 'credits'.. so we risked getting bills of $30, $70 or even more per month in higher volumes.. and those credits didn't carry over from month to month so you ended up paying a lot for nothing in if you were low volume.

Frustrated, we built our own service, which evolved, and so, welcome html 2 pdf rocket! We hope you enjoy the service.

Commercial Service Launched - April 2015

We have transformed HTML to PDF Rocket service into a professional service with full customer support backed by multiple clusters of servers in different geographies to ensure reliability and performance. Each server set is has a guarantee of 99.95% availbility - and we run multiple sets so that you get 100% uptime - even if an entire data center fails other data centers will continue to serve PDF's. The service can handle your requirements for millions of PDF's or just a handful, and we can also setup your own dedicated PDF service.

We have retained a free tier for customers who only need a few hundred PDF's per month, and that service will always be 100% free. We've had to introduce those volume limits becase some companies were really abusing the service, but we offer fair costs for those people that want to do more. This service was originally built because when we tried to buy a service we felt all the competitors' rates were too high, e.g.

So we have introduced better pricing for all new users that makes it easier to get going in less than a minute with a few lines of code. No need to waste hours researching, solving this problem yourself then hosting it on your own servers.

We're sorry we are unable to keep the platform free for all users, but we will keep a free tier for users who only do a few hundred PDF's per month.

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