Create image thumbnails from HTML

Converting HTML into image thumbnails have their own special parameter options.

    • Optional Image Parameters

    • Zoom
      Zoom value, eg. 0.5, 2.3, default is 1.0
    • Quality
      Quality percentage value for image - default is 94
    • Width
      Suggest (or force with disable smart width) a particular width
    • Height
      Suggest a particular height
    • CropHeight
      Crop the image to a certain pixel height
    • CropWidth
      Crop the image to a certain pixel width
    • OutputFormat
      Must be either "pdf", "jpg", "png", "bmp" or "svg" if not supplied the default is PDF
    • FileName
      Optionally the name you want the file to be called when downloading
    • Username
      For URL conversions, creates a secure basic authentication connection to your server
    • Password
      For URL conversions, creates a secure basic authentication connection to your server
Top Four Frequently HTML to Thumbnail Asked Questions
What about security (and also testing on localhost) - do I have to make my webpage publically available?
No - you can send the html (instead of a url) - there is no need to put the page you want to convert publically on the web. This is also slighly faster as we don't have to download the webpage from the internet.
If I do use the URL option, what security options like SSL are there?
You can use basic authentication and pass in a username and password. Our API supports sending via SSL and also reading from https pages. Alternatively some customers use a simple token system, e.g. by passing a secret parameter on the url that noone else will know, e.g. The token could be simple - the same each time, or it could be time based and expire after a minute, or count based and expire after one read
What about data privacy?
We do not store either the webpage content you sent to us or outputted thumbnail. Not even in audit trails or exception logs. HTML is processed and sent back to you as a thumbnail image. Besides, storing all that html, css, images etc or worse, the resulting image thumbnails would quickly result in terrabytes of useless data that would cost an aweful lot to store! Please see our privacy policy for more details
Can I run this on my own private server or cluster?
Yes - we have sent the API source code to several companies, and we can also spin up a dedicated server, or server cluster just for you drop us a line.

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